Florian Hübner - From 0 to 400 employees | Sleep and High Performance | Long-term Focus as a Founder

April 16, 2022

Florian Hübner is the Co-Founder of Uberall, a platform supporting local customer experience.

Together with his long-time friend and co-founder they have been building the company from 0 to over 400 people globally since 2012. 


(00:00) - From starting a PhD to Entrepreneurship 

(08:39) - The early days of building Uberall

(15:12) - Realizing success of your start-up 

(20:10) - How to keep up a high level of intensity for a decade

(30:11) - The future of local businesses  

(34:23) - Metaverse vs. Physical world

(42:29) - Curiosity: Open-source software for coffee maschines and pizza dough chemistry 

(50:08) - The case for IPOs

(55:10) - Sleep and high performance 

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