Michael Snyder - Director at Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine at Stanford University

May 2, 2021

Michael Snyder is one of the leading genetics professors in the world based at Stanford University. Together with Michael we had the chance to discuss topics around personalized medicine. We are diving deep into the promises and hype that has evolved around the term through out the past years and tackle the status quo and recent work that Michael and his lab have covered in the past years. Beyond that we are also diving deeper into the challenges of discovering digital biomarkers and data collection when it comes to clinical studies for AI use cases. 

Michael is an extraordinary scientist who has been involved in the founding and co-founding of many companies such as  Personalis, SensOmics, Qbio @qbioinc, January, Filtricine, Mirvie, Protos, Protometrix (now part of Thermo-Fisher). 


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